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Corporate culture

Business management philosophy: honesty and hard work, innovation and progress.
Financial Management Idea: Clear accounting, clear life.
Technical management philosophy: rapid response to customer requirements; continuous improvement, beyond customer expectations.
Production management philosophy: safety first, quality second, delivery third, cost fourth.
Marketing management philosophy: behave first, sell first, earn money and earn heart.
Employment Idea: Employment with virtue and talent takes precedence, training and employment with virtue and talent, restriction of employment without virtue and talent, and resolute non-use of virtue and talent.
Employee Management Idea: Make good use of existing talents, stabilize key talents, attract urgently needed talents, and reserve future talents.
Team management philosophy: Only if all the boards on the barrel wall are high enough, the barrel can be filled with water; as long as one board in the barrel is not high enough, the barrel can not be full of Reed water.
Employee work philosophy: Yesterday is a manuscript approved by history, it can not be revised, so we can not indulge in the past, no matter success or failure; today is our own day, can not be slackened, from the moment the sun rises, we will be ready. Hold the minutes and seconds of a day, do not let an inch of light leave a blank, seize today, there is no guilt of yesterday, seize today, tomorrow will have a solid stage; tomorrow, there is no director of the play, can not rehearsal, so we can not predict the future, whether dull and wonderful, is the accumulation of countless today.
Working methods:
Four steps of PDCA cycle:
No matter where, when and what we do, we do it for a certain purpose, and work is no exception. In our work, we have our own goals in a wide range, and in a small range, we must achieve certain results and goals in everything we do. Only by clearly knowing what we are working for can we better know what to do and how to do it. Therefore, no matter what we do, we must have our own work goals and set them before we can complete the following work.
1. Plan
We have determined our work objectives, carefully analyzed the background information, including past information, existing resources, lack of resources and so on. According to our analysis results, we have listed the tasks to be accomplished in order to achieve the work objectives, the measures to be taken, and worked out the work schedule in accordance with the sequence.
2. Implementation (Do)
According to the work plan, carry out according to the plan, and do everything from beginning to end. Everything may seem small, but it is likely to affect big goals. Therefore, implementation is the most critical link, that is to say, we often say to do every little thing conscientiously and steadfastly, and these little things constitute the ultimate goal of our work.
3. Check
In the process of our work implementation, according to the feedback information of the speed and effect of execution, we constantly check and revise the means of execution we have adopted to ensure that we can accomplish our work plan twice with half the effort.
4. Action
According to the implementation process, summarize the completion of the work plan, summarize the problems encountered in the implementation process and reflect on them. Only in this way can the same plan and implementation errors be avoided in the future. According to the summary results, in order to achieve the goal, we formulate the next work plan and continue to carry out the PDCA cycle.
Ten criteria for judging talents:
1. People who do not disgrace the mission of the enterprise and are modest and eager to learn
2. Non-conformist and often innovative people
3. People who are loyal and love the company and the company's public destiny
Fourth, unselfish, team-minded people
5. People who can make correct value judgments
6. Persons with Self-management Ability
7. Be enthusiastic anytime, anywhere
8. Persons who are able to properly advise their superiors
9. Persons with a sense of responsibility
10. Persons who have the courage to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the company's operation
Qualified employees:
1. Loyalty is better than ability
Loyalty is not foolish loyalty, obedience is not blind obedience. Loyalty is a kind of moral character, which is better than ability. The principle of employing persons in enterprises is "to employ with virtue and talent first; to train and employ with virtue and without talent; to employ with talent and without virtue and without virtue and without virtue and without talent resolutely". Loyalty is not a verbal word, nor is it a steadfast and enterprising attitude. Loyalty is the courage to assume responsibility, not to shirk tasks, not to find excuses for work failures. It always acts from the company's standpoint. Even if nobody knows, it will actively safeguard the company's interests, and never use its position to seek personal benefits for itself.
2. Working with the Boss
Enterprise is a ship sailing in the rough sea, the owner is the captain, and the employees are sailors. Once on board the ship, the fate of employees and the fate of the boss are tied together. Bosses and employees share the same direction and destination. The boss is under the pressure of ensuring the survival of the company and the development of all employees, and the employees are under some partial pressure. Together with the boss, including due diligence, cost-effective work, the greatest possible share of the pressure of the boss, and with the boss, let the enterprise ship sail to the harbour of success.
3. Establishing Personal Brand in Work
Enterprises have the brand of enterprises, products have the brand of products, and individuals have their own brand. The value of a person is directly reflected in the brand. Personal brand includes many factors. Personal talent is the foundation, and loyalty is the most important. People with strong personal brands are the target of competition for enterprises. Such people will never be added.